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Chandeliers Consist of Basic Parts.

Chandeliers have a body, arms, candles and crystal ornamentation. The body is the central part to which the arms attach. The arms extend outward from the body and become the base for the candle. All of these things may then be dressed with various crystal ornaments.

The solid brass chandelier is a recent addition to our artisans repertoire. These are made from individual cast pieces which then must be hand fitted. The scrollwork in Lucille is extremely intricate and detailed. The candles themselves are handmade by the artisan and if you look closely you will see the golden wax drippings on the candles.

Wall Sconces are generally used to accent a main chandelier. For instance two pairs might adorn opposing walls in a dining room to compliment a centrally hung chandelier. Wall sconces are also used in the foyer, stairway, hall, bathroom and wherever accent lighting is needed. As with all of our chandeliers matching wall sconces are available or can be made to compliment your decor.

Our crystal chandeliers come in 2 main finishes gold-colored and silver-colored. The silver finish is the most common. Marlana, for instance, is done in silver coloring which gives a more homogenous and consistent look.  Florence is done in gold. All the metal, wires, connectors, etc. are brass colored giving it a warmer feel. Notice the golden tinge in the top, base and arms. This is characteristic of the brass finish. The fancy top lends magnificence enough to drop the jaw of even the most reserved of folks. In the "Big Picture" (50K full page image) of Valentino notice the golden tinge in the arms created by the golden wires running through them. The Rope Arms give it the wavy look.

These as with all our chandeliers can be made longer, wider, with more lamps, or more crystal. Let’s face it, you don’t need a chandelier, they are just real pretty and fun to look at. They are impressive, eye-catching works of art. If you are going to get a chandelier then it should be your chandelier--uniquely designed for you and your tastes. So feel free to make modifications. The many chandeliers you see are custom designed by our artisan in Jasper, Georgia. He takes special care with each one to ensure that it is just right. To make sure it stays right he guarantees them for life. He takes great pride in his work and it is truly breathtaking.You can talk direct with our artisan and he’ll guide you through the process if you like. Call (770) 735-3638.

 Fluted Up ArmArms come in different styles such as fluted which has grooves following the curve or rope which appears like a braided rope. Some curve up, some curve down. Their lengths vary as do their weights from heavy and solid lookingRope Down Arm to light and delicate. It is not uncommon to use up and down arms on the same chandelier, such contrast can provide a balance or be used to accent certain  features. Collectively the arms give the Chandelier depth and breadth, they let it reach out, up or down which can be used to convey different moods and at their ends they support the candles.

From here you add crystal ornamentation. All of our chandeliers can be built with your choice of crystal from high quality to the very finest available anywhere. Crystal is what makes the chandelier so beautiful. It sparkles and twinkles in every color of the rainbow with a truly mesmerizing effect. Crystal is made by different manufacturers around the world each of whom have their own secret techniques.

StrsJwlChT Swarovski Strass Crystal is regarded by industry leaders as the finest crystal in the world. Noted for its clarity and flawlessness it is the crystal used in the finest chandeliers. It is hand cut, hand polished and contains a 30% lead mixture.

Turkish crystal is a 30% full lead crystal which is hand or machined cut and polished.. It is the absolute best value in leaded crystal. We use this crystal as our standard and almost all the chandeliers pictured in our catalog are hung in Turkish crystal.

Czechoslovakian crystal can be obtained in many grades. Pressed glass, no lead , 30% full lead, hand cut, hand polished, machine cut and or machine polished.  Most Czech crystal is of very good quality and a wide range of pendants are available from inventory

 Italian Jewel ChainItalian Crystal  is machine cut and may be either hand or machine polished. It is a less expensive crystal but is still very beautiful and very good quality. Czechoslovakian Hand Cut Crystal is hand cut and hand polished. It is also very beautiful. In your chandelier you can have whatever kind of crystal you want and it will still be an eye catching marvel.

Crystal OrnamentsAs illustrated above crystals can be strung together in a chain which is then strung between points to fill the space with with lustrous color and light. This draping of chains creates unique character of a steep flowing curve like a waterfall (see Dianna), to an elegant richness (see Granfield). But to further enhance the viewing pleasure, dazzling prisms and crystal ornaments withLarge Prisms unique cuts and shapes are hung like jewels with such abundance that one feels like a pirate with a treasure chest. Much more delicate and subtly decorated Veronique showcases the naked look. Its simple elegance is accentuated by the addition of a second tier. The crystal is strung in a minimum of  long sweeping arcs. Veronique is a celebration of the graceful form over the mesmerizing crystal. The delicate arms and cut glass center are often overlooked when one is captivated by an abundance of crystal.

These eight crystals are but a sampling  of what is available for your chandelier most of them come in an assortment of sizes from 1” to 3” or more. Each displays its own unique fire and brilliance as it presents its many faces to the light.

Now you should be familiar with the elements that you will use in custom designing your own chandelier. Go to the Showroom now and browse through our collection, when you find something that you like click on the “Customize...” button to begin the creation of your very own custom designed chandelier.

crystal chandelier crystal chandelier
crystal chandelier crystal chandelier


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